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We have fantastic prize draws every month, and great challenges to keep you motivated! Get out and active, and start earning rewards today.


Pop the Innovation Valley Rewards app in your pocket and earn ValleyCoins and ValleyTickets when you leave the car at home.

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Spend your ValleyCoins

Ditch the car and earn ValleyCoins for going green. It’s then up to you how you spend them. Redeem them for high street vouchers or donate them to charity.

You’ll also earn ValleyTickets to enter our regular prize draws and be in with a chance to win great prizes!

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How our Innovation Valley Rewards app works

Our free rewards app encourages more sustainable travel across the Thames Valley region. In return for helping to make your local area greener, you’ll earn rewards and prizes.

Whether you walk, wheel, cycle or catch the train or bus, you’ll earn ValleyCoins and ValleyTickets for all your journeys. ValleyCoins can be redeemed for high street rewards or given to your favourite charity from within the app.

You will earn 1 ValleyCoin per minute up to 30 minutes per day for walking, cycling or wheeling. In addition, you will earn ValleyTickets into our regular prize draws for all of your active travel bus and train journeys.

Download the Innovation Valley Rewards app today and start doing your bit for your local town.

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App Features

  • Record your activities
  • Redeem ValleyCoins for vouchers
  • Support your favourite charity
  • Win Prizes
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Earn ValleyCoins and ValleyTickets. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Download the Innovation Valley App from the App Store or Google Play.

Make sure the automatic tracking button is toggled on. Your activities will appear on the homepage.

ValleyCoins and tickets will be calculated and added to your balance.

What is Innovation Valley?

Clearing traffic jams. Improving air quality. Tackling health issues. Preventing energy waste.

These are problems that cities, towns and villages across the Thames Valley region face every day. Innovation Valley aims to reduce these. 

The collaboration between local authorities and businesses is a £22.9 million project funded by the Department for Transport. It uses digital innovation and tech to tackle these problems for cleaner, leaner, and greener living.

See how our app is part of Innovation Valley. And how we’re making Thames Valley a cleaner, leaner, greener place to live and travel.

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New ideas to improve quality of life

Innovation Valley is about collecting data and gathering insight to create smarter towns of the future.

It covers a wide variety of things including:

  • Increased congestion monitoring
  • Future-proofing of infrastructure for more electric vehicles
  • Rewarding people for travelling more sustainably
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Get involved

Download the Innovation Valley Rewards App today and start doing your bit for your local town. Whether you walk, cycle, wheel or scoot. Catch the bus or train. Whatever you do and however you do it, you’ll earn ValleyCoins and ValleyTickets for going greener.